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To remain broken

And maybe the world just needs me to be heart broken. Maybe I am doomed to feel all the love possible, and feel it ripped from my chest. After all, I’m different when I’m heart broken. My mind explodes. Creativity, hope, passion pours out of me. Out of the broken pieces. I am fearless. I am reckless. Nothing can hurt you when you cannot feel. But just before I go numb. I feel everything. I feel guilt. I feel his pain. I mourn him. I desire him. My chest shrinks, constricting my lungs. Taking my breath. It’s unbearable. I feel too deeply. So I turn it off. It becomes so much, it hurts so badly, I just stop feeling. Maybe I must always be broken. And as I am numb, a new love saves me and again breaks me. A cycle of love, heart ache, and emptiness. Maybe the world needs me to remain broken.


She Cried Why

Freestyle with my ukulele. A story of child abuse.

insanity loosely defined

He says he can be my sunshine

but what if he can only be my night time

It is a terrible obsession

But maybe, hopefully, I won’t mind

to be the center of his shrine

Not to face the repercussion

Tries to keep me his, confined

insanity loosely defined

Giving the unintended concussion

Trying, but can’t leave him behind

With his words, actions so unkind

To face him is to face destruction

the happiness naturally declined

when hope is left behind

He’s hoping, waiting, wanting to touch her


The excitement takes over

Her hands, her lips, her heart, can’t wait

reuniting with her lover

the magic they create

your body, she’s soon to rediscover

Following their path of fate

Never to love another

Already found her soulmate

He’s hoping, waiting, wanting to touch her

Reflecting on their first date

Watched how clouds and stars hover

Fighting, hurting, love they complicate

Says he wants to marry her

Caught him, he took her bait

Love’s never been scarier

The ways in which they relate

They hide under the covers

Her body, he’ll inflate

Says she wants to be a mother

Already found her soulmate

He’s hoping, waiting, wanting to touch her