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A moment is forgotten

A moment is a breath
To continue to breath
To keep time
A moment is a convergence
The intertwining
Before and after
A moment is decisive
To form what follows
To create
A moment is endless
To hold on
A memory
A moment is forgotten
No significance


In perspective

Are those who call you the criminal
They all seem to have one perspective
They request you act more biblical
Abusive, they were only self protective


She Cried Why

Freestyle with my ukulele. A story of child abuse.

insanity loosely defined

He says he can be my sunshine

but what if he can only be my night time

It is a terrible obsession

But maybe, hopefully, I won’t mind

to be the center of his shrine

Not to face the repercussion

Tries to keep me his, confined

insanity loosely defined

Giving the unintended concussion

Trying, but can’t leave him behind

With his words, actions so unkind

To face him is to face destruction

the happiness naturally declined

when hope is left behind

To numb her mind

Inspiration Call: Creative Talents Unleashed.


She forms another line

only way to numb the mind

no words spoken

can get her out of this bind

all the love left behind

denial of a woman outspoken

her hopes and reality never aligned

falling in love seemed ill timed

a heart that couldn’t bare another emotion

she breathes it in line after line

numbing, killing her mind