Say it’s only perspective


Her feet thud on the ground. Her legs stride heavily towards her destination and away from her damnation. Deep in reflection, thought, she feels the cool air through her hair, against her, through the depth of her. She aches for escape. Optimistically searches for her resilience, her brilliance. She looks for quiet, yet only hears the rush of her thoughts and their invoking ideas. A life unquestionably difficult. We all struggle. They say it’s only the perspective that makes the difference. Only if they knew her struggle, then they’d realize pain is not distributed evenly. Some people live cursed lives. Some people, as her, are haunted by society telling her the life she was supposed to have rather than supporting her through the one she has. She looks over the ocean. It’s vastness enthralled her. The depth of reflection.


Just out of grasp

The year started with utter chaos. I had found myself after such long expanded attempts and have lost myself in an instant. How impeccably ironic. How insanely sane it is to be capable of losing your lives progress within a moment. And in what moment has it been lost? I cannot say. I view myself as unbreakable, yet break unknowingly rather quickly, I find when reflected on. Merely moments of weakness or truly breaching my limits? The fact that I am so incapable of answering these questions leads me to believe I have in fact lost myself. We all have an ideal self. But is this ideal who we truly think we are or just a socially portrayed idea of unobtainable perfection? I have the sense that I am a particular person and I cannot be happy unless I align my life with this mentally created happy version of myself. Is this not insanity? Is this not brilliance? I have an idea of exactly how to be happy and yet I refuse to let myself live this internal self. Is this due to external pressures insisting me to be someone else? Or possibly past habits that challenge my attempts to change? Honestly, deeply, is this what we are supposed to feel? I can see my soul, yet it’s just out of grasp.

insanity loosely defined

He says he can be my sunshine

but what if he can only be my night time

It is a terrible obsession

But maybe, hopefully, I won’t mind

to be the center of his shrine

Not to face the repercussion

Tries to keep me his, confined

insanity loosely defined

Giving the unintended concussion

Trying, but can’t leave him behind

With his words, actions so unkind

To face him is to face destruction

the happiness naturally declined

when hope is left behind

To numb her mind

Inspiration Call: Creative Talents Unleashed.


She forms another line

only way to numb the mind

no words spoken

can get her out of this bind

all the love left behind

denial of a woman outspoken

her hopes and reality never aligned

falling in love seemed ill timed

a heart that couldn’t bare another emotion

she breathes it in line after line

numbing, killing her mind

He’s hoping, waiting, wanting to touch her


The excitement takes over

Her hands, her lips, her heart, can’t wait

reuniting with her lover

the magic they create

your body, she’s soon to rediscover

Following their path of fate

Never to love another

Already found her soulmate

He’s hoping, waiting, wanting to touch her

Reflecting on their first date

Watched how clouds and stars hover

Fighting, hurting, love they complicate

Says he wants to marry her

Caught him, he took her bait

Love’s never been scarier

The ways in which they relate

They hide under the covers

Her body, he’ll inflate

Says she wants to be a mother

Already found her soulmate

He’s hoping, waiting, wanting to touch her

Her thoughts break her

Her thoughts break her
Her thoughts make her
The never ending stream of worry
The pain she tries to bury
Obsessing over events that may occur
Memories insanely obscure
The makings of her story
Showing herself no mercy
Regrettable choices; depression may incur
Searching to make happiness recur
Trying to survive makes her weary
A happy soul becomes dreary
Her thoughts break her
Her thoughts make her

I can only write my perspective of reality. If I post it, I mean it with all of my soul, at least for that moment that I write.