The Mirror Crack’d

The Mirror Crack’d.

A world without mirrors? A world without self external sight. Would this really change a thing?  It is said that if we saw an exact clone of ourselves we wouldn’t even realize because our idea of our physical selves is so different from what the outside world sees. We see what we feel. We can’t disconnect our emotions and insecurities from what our eyes see in a mirror. So what if we take this mirror away? Will we be less insecure? Will people be less judgmental? It is quite possible; if we cannot see ourselves who are we to judge others, right? I can blame mirrors for the ugly truth or I can see what we are irregardless. Mirrors are closely related to self reflection, obviously. Although we focus entirely too much on the physical image, some more than others, we also see into ourselves; the insecurities and the emotions we hide within. Have you ever looked at a mirror and tried to smile while you were completely melancholic? You become so aware of how fake it seems. Have you seen yourself then became completely aware of how truly sad you are and just burst out in tears? Without this self reflection, this mirror, could we be so fully aware of ourselves at a deep level? Nothing is certain. Maybe the mirror is the source of our insecurities. Maybe we would all be more confident, care-free individuals without the mirror. The way I see it though, without the mirror, we will only be in denial. We won’t have to face the reality of reflection.


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